What is PLANS?

PLANS is an online way to help you assess your health and social needs. Based on your responses, the internet programme will suggest local community services and activities that are likely to be of interest.

Keeping active, being involved in social activities and being able to find support (such as information about your health or help with everyday things) have been shown to have many health benefits. These include reduced anxiety; improved quality of life; and improved feelings about general health.

As well as doing things for yourself, you may be interested in finding out what support is available in your local community. PLANS aims to:

  • Help you think about what you can do to manage your health
  • Find ways you can increase the type of social contact you enjoy
  • Make you aware of local community support and activities


PLANS Questionnaire

Everyone is different and we need different things to help us manage our health and enjoy life. To help you find activities and support in your area we have developed the PLANS questionnaire which aims to help you think about what you can do to manage your health.

As well as doing things for yourself, you can also plan ways to use support from your local community. PLANS can help you find local healthy activities such as exercise or diet groups. PLANS can also help you find activities that you might enjoy such as social or hobby groups.

Options for PLANS

  1. Click on the link below to fill in the short PLANS questionnaire. To find tailored results, fill in your details and then answer each question by selecting if you are interested to know more.
  2. Search for services near you by entering your postcode.
  3. Click on the categories above to search for services near you.
  4. If you have used PLANS before, you can log in to see your results.
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Plans Questionnaire

General Information about you

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I am interested in doing creative things

These are activities or workshops where you can enjoy things like reading and creative writing clubs where you can discuss, debate, and exchange views about books and meet new friends who share a passion for books, arts and crafts activities where you can express yourself through painting, sculpture, and ceramics and drama and music activities that can help improve your confidence and self-esteem through learning a wide range of skills including drama, acting, singing, dancing, choreography, lighting and sound.

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I would like to know more about social activities

Social clubs may be linked to sports or cultural activities. Examples could include activities that you can enjoy with other people such as friendship groups, coffee mornings or church groups. Find one that is comfortable for you.

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I would like to learn more about my health

These are services or activities which can provide you with information on health conditions that can help support you with your health problems.

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I would like to lose weight

These are weight management services which can help you to lose weight and be healthy.

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I would like to get fitter

These are a range of ways for you to be fit and active such as fitness and exercise classes for all ages and abilities, swimming activities in the pool for the young and old and walking and outdoor activities which are good exercise for anyone regardless of age, income, location and ability. They are a great way to meet people in a relaxed environment. It is an easy activity to start doing, build up gradually and continue long-term.

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I would like to learn new skills or complete a course

Education and learning services can help you with things like improving your spoken English, reading or writing, or to develop your computer skills.

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I look after someone e.g. a relative

These are services which provide support for carers is in a number of ways from information and advice to the provision of grants and special break schemes. 

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I often feel unhappy and I would like to talk with someone about my problems

These are services which provide support for you including counselling where it allows a person to talk about their problems and feelings in a confidential and secure place and befriending which offers supportive, reliable relationships to people who may be lonely. People may become isolated because of ill health, disability or social disadvantage and so having someone to talk to or spend time with can be very important.

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I would like to know more about things that will help me remain independent

These are groups and services that can help you with everyday practical problems and support independent living such as home support. This can be help with personal tasks, such as, bathing and washing, getting up and going to bed, shopping and managing finances and general household activities or odd jobs and financial and benefits advice which are services that allow individuals to gain access to community services, activities and resources that are not medical in nature. They offer confidential, impartial and independent information and advice. For example, help with debt worries and claiming benefits you may be entitled to; help with housing and employment problems; dealing with queries about consumer or tax issues; and advice on legal matters, immigration and family and personal matters. 

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I would like to know more about community transport

These are community transport services that offer support if you have limited mobility or have difficulty using public transport. 

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I would like to help other people

By taking up things like volunteering opportunities, you can meet new people, have fun and build confidence and is a great way to give you the chance to make a difference in the community.


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